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  • Welcome to the TSRI NMR Facility

    This facility provides state of the art NMR spectroscopy and molecular modelling needs to the research staff and students of the TSRI Chemistry department.

    The facility houses a total of six spectrometers including a Bruker DRX-600 equipped with a 5mm DCH cryoprobe, Bruker DRX-500, Varian Inova-400, Bruker AMX-400, Varian Mercury-300 and Bruker AC-250. All instruments (except the AC-250) are fully equipped for multi-nuclear 1D and 2D NMR experiments. The DRX-600 is also equipped with triple-axis gradient accessories for advanced NMR experiments. The Inova-400 is equipped with an MAS Nanoprobe for NMR experiments of compounds on solid support, and for small quantity samples. Additional supporting instrumentation includes a Bruker Vector-33 FT-IR, workstations for offline data processing, the spectral prediction software from ACD, and Schrodinger molecular modelling software.