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The Flow Cytometry Core Facility at TSRI is considered one of the world's premier flow facilities. State of the art instrumentation combined with highly knowledgeable staff makes even the most complex flow applications possible.

The facility is subdivided into three groups: basic analysis, advanced analysis, and cell sorting. Novice users will be taught via classroom lecture and hands-on training to acquire and analyze their own data under supervision on one of the basic BD FACS flow cytometers. More experienced users will be able to utilize analytical instrumentation at all hours and have access to the advanced multi-laser digital flow cytometers along with more powerful computer workstation resources.

At the heart of the facility are the three high-speed digital cell sorters used for all cell sorting applications. These instruments are solely staff operated to provide high-quality viable cell sorting experiments for all researchers. Consultation with the staff is emphasized to ensure the proper design and execution of these sorting applications. The facility has a long history of quality flow cytometry and an open atmosphere that is designed to encourage researchers to take advantage of all the resources available