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  • The Center for Protein and Nucleic Acid Research offers the following services:

    Nucleic Acids

    • Next Generation Sequencing
    • Standard Sanger Sequencing
    • Aptamer Production - SELEX
    • Specialty Nucleic Acid Synthesis

    Peptides / Proteins

    • Peptide Library Synthesis
    • Peptide Arrays on Slides
    • Protein Sequencing
    • Specialty Peptide Synthesis
    • Amino Acid Analysis

    Nucleic Acid Collaborations

    1. Aptamer generated to small molecule
    2. Aptamer generated to protein
    3. Sequencing unnatural base pairs
    4. Synthesis of modfied oligonucleotides
    5. Natural Product Isolation

    Protein / Peptide Collaborations

    1. Disulfide Mapping
    2. Long Peptide Synthesis
    3. Peptide arrays