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The Skaggs-Oxford Program is a joint five-year program in biology or chemistry at Scripps in La Jolla, California, and biochemistry at the University of Oxford in Britain leading to the award of a joint Ph.D./D.Phil. degree. Students gain a broader and deeper interdisciplinary research experience than is possible from a single institution's doctoral program. It provides diversity in curriculum, scientific approaches, and research training with access to facilities and expertise at both Oxford and Scripps. It also offers students the experience of the distinct cultures of the United States and Britain.

The Skaggs-Oxford scholars are admitted as probationer research students and are subject to both Oxford regulations and Scripps student guidelines. They participate in the Oxford professional development course and must succeed in the oral qualifying examination. In consultation with their advisors, they then decide when to relocate to either Scripps or Oxford. Skaggs-Oxford scholars are required to carry out research for a minimum of two years at Oxford and have the option of beginning either at Oxford or at Scripps Research. The thesis and the research upon which it is based are expected to conform to Scripps’ criteria and Oxford for the award of the degree.