Quarter field resonance and integer-spin half-spin interaction in the electron-paramagnetic-res of thermus-thermophilus ferredoxin - possible new fingerprints for 3 iron clusters Academic Article uri icon

publication date

  • 1985


  • We describe two new characteristics of the EPR of the seven-iron containing ferredoxin from Thermus thermophilus. First, the reduced state of the 3Fe center, which has traditionally been considered to be EPR-silent, has been found to exhibit a delta m = 4 transition, which is unique for Fe-S centers. This signal is similar to that of high-spin Fe2+-EDTA and supports the suggestion that the ground electronic state of the 3Fe cluster is S = 2. Second, we have recorded the EPR spectrum of the fully reduced protein at 9 and 15 GHz and found that changes occur in the signal which are consistent with a weak electronic spin-spin interaction between the [4Fe-4S]+ (S = 1/2) and the reduced 3Fe center. A theoretical explanation is given for the observation of interaction signals with constant effective g values.