6,8-di-C-glycosyl flavonoids from Dendrobium huoshanense Academic Article uri icon

publication date

  • 2010


  • Dendrobium huoshanense is a valued herbal plant used in traditional Chinese medicine. Fractionation of the water-soluble part of D. huoshanense by repeated chromatography culminated in the isolation of four new 6,8-di-C-glycosyl flavones (1-4), in addition to seven known compounds, comprising malic acid, dimethyl malate, N-phenylacetamide, isopentyl butyrate, salicylic acid, shikimic acid, and isoschaftoside. By detailed spectroscopic analysis, the structures of 1-4 were determined to have a core of apigenin bearing pentoside (arabinoside or xyloside) and rhamnosyl-hexoside (glucoside or galactoside) substituents.