Density functional theory calculations on Mossbauer parameters of nonheme iron nitrosyls Academic Article uri icon

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  • 2009


  • Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculations on transition metal nitrosyls often reveal unusual spin density profiles, involving substantial spatial separation of majority and minority spin densities. Against this context, there is a significant lack of studies where DFT calculations have been quantitatively calibrated against experimental spectroscopic properties. Reported herein are DFT calculations of Mössbauer isomer shifts and quadrupole splittings for 21 nonheme iron complexes (26 distinct iron sites) including 9 iron nitrosyls. Low- (S = 1/2) and high-spin (S = 3/2) {FeNO}(7) complexes, S = 1/2 {Fe(NO)(2)}(9) species, and polynuclear iron nitrosyls are all represented within the set of compounds examined. The general conclusion with respect to isomer shifts is that DFT (OLYP/STO-TZP) performs comparably well for iron nitrosyls and for iron complexes in general. However, quadrupole splittings are less accurately reproduced for nitrosyl complexes.