Amino acid residues associated with cluster n3 in the nuof subunit of the proton-translocating nadh-quinone oxidoreductase from escherichia coli Academic Article uri icon

publication date

  • 2005


  • The NuoF subunit, which harbors NADH-binding site, of Escherichia coli NADH-quinone oxidoreductase (NDH-1) contains five conserved cysteine residues, four of which are predicted to ligate cluster N3. To determine this coordination, we overexpressed and purified the NuoF subunit and NuoF+E subcomplex in E. coli. We detected two distinct EPR spectra, arising from a [4Fe-4S] cluster (g(x,y,z)=1.90, 1.95, and 2.05) in NuoF, and a [2Fe-2S] cluster (g(x,y,z)=1.92, 1.95, and 2.01) in NuoE subunit. These clusters were assigned to clusters N3 and N1a, respectively. Based on the site-directed mutagenesis experiments, we identified that cluster N3 is ligated to the 351Cx2Cx2Cx40C398 motif.