Determination of (h2)j(nn) and (h1)j(hn) coupling constants across watson-crick base pairs in the antennapedia homeodomain-DNA complex using trosy Academic Article uri icon

publication date

  • 2000


  • This paper describes NMR measurements of 15N-15N and 1H-15N scalar couplings across hydrogen bonds in Watson-Crick base pairs, h2J(NN) and h1J(HN), in a 17 kDa Antennapedia homeodomain-DNA complex. A new NMR experiment is introduced which relies on zero-quantum coherence-based transverse relaxation-optimized spectroscopy (ZQ-TROSY) and enables measurements of h1J(HN) couplings in larger molecules. The h2JNN and h1J(HN) couplings open a new avenue for comparative studies of DNA duplexes and other forms of nucleic acids free in solution and in complexes with proteins, drugs or possibly other classes of compounds.