Detection of a 140 KDA nucleolar protein with an anti-PCNA autoantibody Academic Article uri icon

publication date

  • 1985


  • To assess the numbers and types of PCNA (proliferating cell nuclear antigen) species, immunoprecipitation studies on HeLa cell, nuclear and nucleolar extracts were performed. A 140 KDa protein from HeLa nucleoli was immunoprecipitated by an autoantibody (E.B.) previously used to detect the proliferating cell nuclear antigens (PCNA). The 140 KDa protein was also detected in the nuclear extract of colon carcinoma cells (omega) labeled in vitro with 125I-Bolton Hunter reagent. When the growth of the colon carcinoma cells was inhibited by 1% N,N-dimethylformamide for two weeks, the 140 KDa protein was not detected which suggests this protein is associated with cell growth.