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  • The Informatics Core department at The Scripps Research Institute is a campus wide service within TSRI's Research Services .  This core is responsible for the development of web based applications using client/server technology to create and maintain web applications for administrative departments and laboratories requesting such services. The Core is also responsible for configuration, installation and maintenance of databases for these web applications on various platforms as required. 

    Specific applications of the Informatics Core service include analyzing, designing, constructing, maintaining and troubleshooting problems in all types of databases from desktop (MS Access /Fox Pro) to server based (MS SQL , MySQL) to very large databases (Oracle and Sybase). 

    The core can assist in the design and creation of database schema that accurately and efficiently collect data using strict normalization rules.

    The core can convert existing stand alone applications into web applications that can be securely used anywhere.  The core also has several applications that can be adpated, such as a sample/specimen tracking sytem that prints bar coded specimen labels and a multi-user clinical database application that schedules patients and collects all protocol data.