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  • The Core Microscopy Facility at TSRI has 2 locations. The central office and electron microscope laboratory are located on the P3 level of the Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology (MBB-31). The light microscopy laboratory which houses the confocal, deconvolution microscopes and laser capture microdissection system are located in the basement of Stein (SR12).

    The Core Microscopy Facility offers a full service including design, implementation and interpretation of data. We also encourage qualified individuals to carry out their own microscopy projects. Training on all our instruments is available by arrangement.

    All enquiries about Electron Microscopy projects should be directed to Malcolm Wood, Ph.D., (858-784-8186),

    All enquiries about Light Microscopy projects should be directed to
    William B. Kiosses, Ph.D, (858-784-7278),

    We strongly recommend that appointments are made in advance for all projects so that proper planning, preparations and scheduling are appropriately made. Above all, please do NOT arrive at the EM lab unannounced with samples to be processed.

    Online calendars are available to reserve time on each individual instrument (except the 2 electron microscopes) and qualified independent users can log on from their own labs to make their own appointments. All of the 6 computers operating the confocal and deconvolution microscopes as well as the CCD camera for the CM-100 electron microscope are on-line for downloading image data directly to lab computers.